eDiscovery, Document Management, & Litigation Support

Success in complex litigation requires planning, coordination, and innovation, before, as well as after, suit is filed.

Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) has become a legally defined phrase and a part of nearly all litigation. Federal Rule revisions have now placed electronic evidence center stage; you must address it—and early on. Whether identifying information critical to its own claims or defenses, or responding to demands for information from adversaries, companies must increasingly rely on information maintained in its computer systems to meet the demands of litigation. We take a practical approach to eDiscovery, collaborating with clients to craft individualized solutions that recognize that one size does not fit all.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in the development and adaptation of document retention systems to electronically stored information, to ensure not merely that the company meets its legal obligations with respect to the maintenance and production of ESI, but also that the information necessary to support claims and defenses is available and accessible.

Our approach to discovery helps clients replace ad hoc e-discovery with our readily accessible, in-house e-discovery and litigation support network. It also enables our attorneys to focus on strategy and substantive issues while our eDiscovery specialist addresses client needs across the e-discovery spectrum, including data hosting, collection, processing, review and production.

We use a cutting-edge product, employing analytical techniques, to reduce the number of irrelevant and nonresponsive documents that need to be manually reviewed. This approach gives clients flexibility, while minimizing costs associated with discovery when utilizing multiple vendors and systems.

Document Collection and Production
The importance in complex litigation of handling document work meticulously and thoroughly cannot be overstated. Owing in large part to the types of litigation in which we have been involved, our attorneys and staff have developed extensive expertise in coordinating and managing all aspects of document collections and production. As a result, not only do we handle document work in cases in which we are substantively involved, but we are also retained by clients and other law firms in an adjunct role specifically to collect, review, organize and produce documents.

Our attorneys and staff have coordinated document collections in complex commercial cases and product liability litigation on a national and even international scale.