Client Service

Our clients are in industries as varied as agriculture, construction, health care, hospitality, and transportation. We represent providers of services, makers of industrial goods, manufacturers of consumer products, technology companies, and retailers, to name a few.

Strong advocacy, efficient work flow, and responsive communication are always our top priorities. We implement the following four pillars to ensure outstanding client service.

We hire the best

We look for attorneys who possess not only intelligence, but also the instinct required of successful litigators. We place great trust and pride in our team of highly experienced paralegals who – as our clients attest – are some of the brightest in their field.

We train our professionals

The courtroom is a proving ground for litigators, and we endeavor to get our lawyers in courtroom settings early, often, and in as many different types of cases as possible. Beyond litigation skills, we require each lawyer and staff member assigned to a matter to become intimately familiar with the client, its business, its management goals, and its primary concerns.

We invest in technology

We will pit our technological capabilities against that of any competitor. Our document management databases permit us to efficiently manage thousands of pages of documents, while our proprietary case management databases allow the reliable monitoring of hundreds of cases. At trial, we can transform any courthouse into an impressive audio-visual theater with the latest presentation technology.

We communicate

Our matter processes are tailored to the needs of each client and allow up-to-date reporting. We frequently update our clients and openly communicate with them via their desired method, whether via personal meeting, video call, phone, email, or text.