Premises Liability Defense

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”
~Harper Lee

From a simple “slip and fall” case to a complex toxic tort suit, MRC attorneys have specialized experience in the unique aspects of defending property owners in premises liability claims. We have represented restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses in the defense of claims arising out of alleged physical defects on the premises.

We have defended commercial property owners in claims arising out of criminal assaults on customers alleged to have resulted from inadequate security. Our attorneys have significant experience in representing industrial premises owners across the nation – including electrical power companies, an aluminum manufacturer, a chemical manufacturer and numerous other types of industries – in claims involving exposure to asbestos and other toxic chemicals.

Our strength in premises liability lies not only in our extensive experience, but also in our significant contacts among medical and liability experts in virtually all disciplines relating to premises liability claims. Whether the decision is to launch an aggressive defense to a claim or to mediate or settle the claim, we are able to offer our clients innovative and cost-effective strategies and a reliable assessment of liability and exposure early on in the case.

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