Professional Liability Defense

Moran Reeves Conn attorneys take great pride in defending other legal professionals.

Although largely self-governed through internal codes of ethics and professional responsibility, professionals are frequently the targets of litigation. The result is not only an attack on the professionals’ pocketbooks, it is an assault on their reputations.

The firm brings superior case management and trial lawyering skills to each such case that it handles. The firm’s professional liability team is capable of handling claims against professionals regardless of their complexity or the legal issues they present. Moreover, the firm is sensitive to the damaging impact these claims can have on the public images of the professionals it defends, and can employ strategies – whether through choice of venue or early dispute resolution – to mitigate the risk to its clients.

The firm’s lawyers believe strongly in the efficacy of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and are skilled at guiding their clients through such processes to obtain the best possible outcome.

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