Renewable Energy

Moran Reeves Conn has experience representing solar, renewable energy, clean tech and real estate investment companies in all aspects of transactional and litigation matters. Our clients range from industry leading developers and operators of utility-scale renewable energy projects to residential rooftop installers of photovoltaic panels.

We help our clients solve problems whenever they arise, whether we are assisting with acquiring real estate, financing the project or resolving disputes by settlement or litigation. We understand that our clients need highly detailed and effective counsel that tailors each matter, whether it is a first time developer, an investor in a going concern, a small-scale partnership dispute or multi-party litigation.

We routinely assist our clients in resolving customer disputes arising from third party sales. The need to balance our clients working relationships with 1099 contractors, keeping consumers satisfied, and protecting themselves from consumer claims is paramount to us. Class action lawsuits, including TCPA claims and deceptive business practice claims, and advising businesses both on how to structure an acquisition or financing and best practices to avoid lawsuits can be handled here.

Our knowledge is not just built on our legal experience representing clients in these industries, but our attorneys’ prior work for businesses within these fields. These experiences give us familiarity with technical aspects of the industry including financing, tax credits, leasing, lead generation, power purchase agreements, and interconnection agreements.

This background knowledge allows for an intimate understanding of the complex issues presented with renewable energy ownership, installation and investment. That experience helps us advise our clients on the benefits and risks that being in the renewable energy field may pose to their business operations. The breadth of our experience enables us to help our clients through acquisition, financing, leasing, offering and disposing of renewable energy sites as well as any litigation while prioritizing the ability to continue maximizing revenue and business relationships.

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