Our Culture

At Moran Reeves Conn, we do not draw a line in the sand between attorneys and staff. All employees, including paralegals, legal assistants, and administrators, are client-centric and considered integral members of our team.

Although we are alike in our quest for excellence, we are largely different in appearance, ethnicity, religion, and the like. In fact, MRC leaders have been deliberate in building an inclusive, fair, and equitable work environment. Every individual is valued for unique talents and contributions to the whole. Learn more about our DEI initiative.

Our legal professionals are hired not only for their skills, but also for their character and fit within our upbeat, friendly culture. Our people seem to genuinely like one another, celebrating legal wins but also marriages, births, continued education, and other personal accomplishments.

Understandably, the law can be a demanding career. Consequently, we seek to balance work pressure with occasional “comic relief.” Our summer associate program is an especially enjoyable time for all, chocked full of fun activities and social gatherings.

Social activities contribute to teambuilding at MRC, as does participation in our community service events. For instance, we have assembled holiday baskets for needy families, cleaned up an overgrown cemetery, and participated in a food bank fund drive. Learn more about our community service.

Communication is important not only with our clients, but among ourselves. We begin each Monday with a firmwide meeting to ensure everyone is informed about recent developments and priorities for the week. Our intranet is also a great source for keeping everyone connected and up-to-date.

A spirit of helpfulness prevails at MRC. Our colorful, historic office building is the backdrop for the work we do and the friends we make along the way. Please reach out if you would like to visit.