Medical Malpractice & Health Care Litigation

The attorneys in the medical professional liability practice group have represented health care professionals and institutions in the highest exposure, most complex medical liability cases.

Our attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible result for each client. We have represented many types of health care professionals, including physicians of every clinical specialty, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral health care providers, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, as well as many other medical specialists.

We have represented these providers in both civil actions as well as administrative matters, including the various professional boards within the Virginia Department of Health Professions. These matters include DHP complaints, compliance issues, investigations, and hearings. Furthermore, we have assisted institutional clients with internal and external investigations and in managing public relations matters.

Our attorneys represent hospitals, health care systems, academic medical centers, insurers, and self-insured entities in a variety of insurance, risk management, quality assurance, clinical ethics, and claims handling issues. Among the services provided are human resource and health care risk management, issuing coverage opinions, participation on ethics committees, and assistance in developing internal policies, procedures, and protocols.