Discovery Litigation, Document Management and Litigation Support

Success in complex litigation requires planning, coordination, and innovation, before, as well as after, suit is filed.

Success in complex litigation requires planning, coordination, and innovation, before, as well as after, suit is filed. Moran Reeves & Conn PC has the experience necessary to develop document management and retention systems that will serve the company’s business needs while ensuring that necessary information is available and accessible when required to serve the client’s interests in litigation. And, when litigation does arise, our attorneys are prepared to help clients deal efficiently and cost-effectively with the many demands placed upon them, including:

  • identification and collection of records vital to the company’s claims or defenses
  • responding to demands for information from adversaries
  • preparing compelling presentations for judges and juries

Discovery Management and Coordination
Cases are often won or lost long before the first fall of the gavel – if the gavel ever falls. Indeed, most lawsuits will never go to trial. As a result, management of the discovery process, during which time the stage is set for motion practice and settlement negotiations, is of the utmost importance. Companies involved in litigation with increasingly aggressive opponents need lawyers experienced with the discovery process and its impact not only in a given case, but in other cases in which the company is involved.

Our attorneys coordinate discovery nationally for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, and understand the need to ensure consistency and predictability in a company’s response to competing discovery demands from multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, we recognize the burden that discovery places on a company’s personnel and business processes, and have developed procedures to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

And our attorneys understand that parties often utilize discovery not as a tool to obtain legitimate information, but as a weapon to drive up costs and force settlements. We have defended clients against overly broad and unduly burdensome discovery, and aggressively protected corporate trade secrets from unnecessary disclosure in some of the most dangerous and aggressive venues in the country.

The discovery process is increasingly complex and expensive, and constitutes an ever greater portion of a company’s litigation budget. Our attorneys have the experience to help clients manage both the process and the cost, while protecting business assets.

Trade Secret and Confidential Information Protection
We have extensive experience defending our client’s rights to protect their trade secret and confidential information from discovery in litigation.

Document Collection and Production
The importance in complex litigation of handling document work meticulously and thoroughly cannot be overstated. Owing in large part to the types of litigation in which we have been involved, Our attorneys and staff have developed extensive expertise in coordinating and managing all aspects of document collections and productions. As a result, not only do we handle document work in cases in which we are substantively involved, but we are also retained by clients and other law firms in an adjunct role specifically to collect, review, organize and produce documents.

Our attorneys and staff have coordinated document collections in complex commercial cases and product liability litigation on a national and even international scale. Our expertise extends to the development and management of extensive document databases to track the history of document collections and productions and privilege logs. We use some of the most advanced document management software available.

Electronic Discovery
Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and e-mails – business information is overwhelmingly created and maintained in electronic form. Whether identifying information critical to its own claims or defenses, or responding to demands for information from adversaries, companies must increasingly rely on information maintained in its computer systems to meet the demands of litigation. Our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in the development and adaptation of document retention systems to electronically stored information, to ensure not merely that the company meets its legal obligations with respect to the maintenance and production of electronic documents, but also that the information necessary to support claims and defenses is available and accessible.

Litigation Support Systems
Our attorneys and staff use some of the most modern technologies and systems available to support complex litigation. We work with clients to develop effective intranet and extranet applications to track case developments and to ensure consistency in discovery answers and deposition and trial testimony from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Our attorneys are also adept at using various trial technologies to present an effective case to the jury.

Our expertise in this area is reflected in the number of presentations and seminars that our attorneys have given to bar and industry groups on the subject of technology and litigation.